Meadows Electrical Contracting, Inc. is an expert in the design and installation of automatic standby generator systems for residential and commercial applications. We are a factory trained Generac/ Guardian dealer and provide sales, service, warranty repairs, and maintenance agreements. Meadows Electrical Contracting has installed over 150 generator systems in the last 10 years and provides service for many more that were not installed by them. Generators and the corresponding automatic transfer switches are a complex system and a major investment. It is essential that all of your electrical loads are calculated properly to size the generator and switch for proper operation. Everyone sells generators these days but do not trust just any A/C man or the part time guy at the local big box store to have the proper knowledge and training to design a system that will work properly. There are many variables to consider and even though the enclosures look the same on the outside, they contain multiple sizes of generators and automatic transfer switches inside. Meadows Electrical Contracting performs the entire installation including gas fuel line, startup, testing and warranty validation. The units come with a 5 year factory warranty so there is no need to contact anyone else for any issues that may arise during that period.

Speaking of sizes, there have been major advances is the past few years with generator performance and intelligent automatic transfer switches that can monitor the loads and switch multiple air conditioners and other appliances so you can use a smaller size and that translates to big savings. If you have a larger home and have received quotes in the past that were out of your budget range, let us show you how affordable the new technology units can be. Call Meadows Electrical Contracting today or stop by our newly opened POWERHOUSE GENERATORS display showroom at 166 Noel Ave for a free consultation, site survey, and quote.